What is the difference between a massage and Asian massage?

The main difference between a regular massage and an Asian massage lies in the techniques and traditions they draw upon. Here are the key distinctions:

  1. Techniques and Origins:

    • Regular Massage: A regular massage typically encompasses a wide range of massage techniques that may originate from various parts of the world. The most common forms include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and aromatherapy massage. These techniques have been developed and refined in different cultures and are often used interchangeably in Western spa and wellness settings.

    • Asian Massage: Asian massage, on the other hand, specifically refers to massage techniques that have their origins in Asian countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and India. Examples of Asian massage techniques include Shiatsu (Japanese), Thai massage, Tui Na (Chinese), and Ayurvedic massage (Indian). These methods are deeply rooted in ancient Asian healing traditions and philosophies.

  2. Philosophy and Principles:

    • Regular Massage: Regular massages often focus on relaxation, stress relief, and muscle tension release. They typically follow Western principles of anatomy and physiology. These massages aim to improve blood circulation, reduce muscle stiffness, and promote a general sense of well-being.

    • Asian Massage: Asian massage techniques often incorporate holistic principles, aiming to balance the body’s energy flow, known as “qi” or “prana.” Practitioners of Asian massage often consider the whole body and its connection to the mind and spirit. These techniques may involve pressure points, stretches, and energy work to unblock or balance energy pathways within the body.

  3. Pressure and Movements:

    • Regular Massage: Regular massages use a variety of strokes and movements, such as effleurage (long, gliding strokes), kneading, tapping, and friction. The pressure applied can vary from gentle to deep, depending on the client’s preferences and the therapist‘s training.

    • Asian Massage: Asian massage techniques may involve acupressure, compression, joint mobilization, and stretching. Some Asian massage styles, like Thai massage, are known for their dynamic stretches and yoga-like movements, while others, like Shiatsu, focus on specific pressure points along the body’s meridians.

  4. Goals and Benefits:

    • Regular Massage: The primary goals of regular massages are relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, improved flexibility, and enhanced circulation. These massages are often used in spa settings for general well-being.

    • Asian Massage: Asian massages aim to promote not only physical relaxation but also balance and harmony within the body’s energy systems. They may target specific health concerns or imbalances and can be used as part of a holistic approach to wellness.

In summary, while regular massages encompass a wide range of techniques from various cultures and focus on relaxation and physical well-being, Asian massages are specific to Asian traditions, emphasize energy flow and balance, and may include unique stretches and pressure point work. Both types of massages offer their own set of benefits and cater to different preferences and wellness goals.

What’s The Difference Between A Thai Massage And Regular Massage?

The first difference you’ll notice between a Thai massage and the classic western styles it the lack of equipment. Whereas Swedish and deep tissue massages take place atop a massage table, Thai massages take place upon a floor mat. This allows the client a more complete range of motion — which comes in handy.

Do you wear clothes for an Asian massage?
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How much clothing you remove also depends on the type of massage you’re getting. If you prefer keeping your clothes on, opt for massage styles like Shiatsu or Thai massage, which are usually done fully clothed.

What is a Chinese full body massage?
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Tui Na, also known as Chinese massage, is an ancient practice that aims to release the flow of energy around the body. Lots of skilfull techniques are used to bounce you back to good health, including kneading, rolling and deep pressure that’s applied to precise points on your body.

Why is it called Asian massage?
It’s important to understand that there isn’t just one type of Asian massage. Instead, it’s more of an umbrella term used to describe the many massage disciplines that originated in China, Japan and other Asian countries. There are several types of Asian massage used in therapeutic massage settings today.

What happens during a Chinese massage?
Oriental massage follows acupressure points – these points are targets around the body that are capable of triggering biochemical and physiological changes. As these changes are triggered, a patient’s Qi is re-balanced, which helps to heal them.

Is a full body massage intimate?
Full Body Massage: What Is It and What to Expect 
A massage is about the mind just as much as it is about the body, so it’s important to be able to detach from any ongoing worries, problems, or stress. Don’t forget that a massage is an intimate procedure, so mutual confidence and trust is important, as is respecting a mutual code of conduct during the treatment

Do you wear clothes during a Chinese traditional massage?
Removing all of my clothes for the massage session, That’s entirely up to you and your comfort level. However, keep in mind that if you’re having your back worked on by the massage therapist, then it might be somewhat difficult for them if you have a shirt on.

Is Chinese massage like Thai massage?
Thai massage like Tui Na, is concerned with balancing the intrinsic energies of the body, mind and spirit. Unlike the Chinese system, Thai massage lacks a sophisticated theoretical background – 14 meridians with 365 acu-points and diagnosis.

Why are Thai massages so popular?
Today, Thailand has been serving people across the world with their divine gift of Buddhism in the form of massage since the 1900 century. The rejuvenating and therapeutic properties of Thai massage made it popular in no time. Knowing the benefits, many people visit Thailand for healing through massage.

What is Korean massage called?
A Korean massage is a type of massage that uses pressure and stretching to stimulate the body’s energy flow. It is also sometimes called an East Asian Medicine Massage, or an Oriental massage, and uses a mixture of techniques from a Swedish massage.

What is a Western massage?
Western Massage, on the other hand, promotes higher levels of relaxation by using circular motions that help to relieve muscle tension in symptomatic areas. This massage style uses five stoke techniques including kneading, gliding, tapping, friction and vibration.

What happens when you get a full body massage?
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A 60 minute full body massage typically starts with a head & scalp massage to get you relaxed. Then, they will work the neck and shoulders, move on to each arm, and work their way to the legs & feet. Next, you will flip around on the massage table and they will work on the back of the legs and potentially the glutes.

What happens in a couples massage?
Couples Massage: The Ultimate Bonding Experience 
A couples massage is a shared experience designed for two people where each person involved receives a relaxing massage from a therapist. The massages are provided at the same time, in the same private room, but in different massage beds (one per person).

What does your body release when you get a massage?
Increased endorphins, serotonin and dopamine hormones is a common benefit gained through massage. Endorphins, serotonin and dopamine are positive hormones that circulate around the body. Endorphins, serotonin and dopamine can give a person a sense of well-being and reduce anxiety.

What do you wear during a massage?
It’s best to leave heavy fabrics, such as denim or wool, at home and choose lighter clothes that are thin and form-fitting. Some suitable options include t-shirts, tank tops, shorts or sports bras. Even if you prefer to cover up, make sure you’ve considered the limitations placed on your massage therapist.

What should a woman wear during a massage?
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Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your massage.
Avoid wearing anything tight or form-fitting, since you’ll likely be covered in lotion or oil after your appointment. Wear comfortable undergarments that you wouldn’t mind getting oily.

What do you wear to a full body massage?
We advise that you wear something comfy and stretchy on the legs, e.g. leggings or joggers, and avoid wearing belts, jeans, trousers/shorts without any stretch or lots of pockets (unless you require deep tissue work on the legs, then shorts or underwear will be necessary).

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