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Stress and the Immune System

Have you ever noticed that when you go through a very stressful situation, you felt great but stressed, and then when it is over you get sick? When you become overly stressed, it creates havoc on your immune system. The hormones that are supposed to keep you healthy begin to break down and harm you. When you receive a good massage, these hormones are released, and as you begin to feel the stress slip away, your immune system gets built back up to where it was supposed to be.


When Should You Get a Massage?

Regular massage can boost your immune system, relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life, and relax the muscles and organs of your body. It is a preventative measure where you go in before you feel ill to ensure that you remain healthy.

A massage feels good. That is no secret, but many don’t know of the other health benefits that you can achieve by getting regular massage.

There is nothing like being on the receiving end of a good, relaxing massage to make you feel loose and stress-free, right? Did you know there are more health benefits that you can reap when you get a massage?
How Massage Therapy Helps Boost Your Immune System
“There is no doubt that everybody has heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but many have not heard that massage can have the same effect – the effect of boosting your immune system through massage therapy. 

How it Works

White blood cells are the types of cells that are vital in your immune system. It is these cells that help your body fight off serious diseases as well as the simple ones like the cold and flu. As you receive a massage, these white blood cells, more specifically the lymphocytes, are activated throughout the body making it easier for the cells to keep you healthy by fighting the things that are making you sick.


There have been numerous studies to determine the effect that massage therapy has on the immune system. One study done on a group of HIV-positive patients showed that regular massage helped enhance the functionality of their damaged immune system. Another study was done on women who were suffering from stage one and stage two breast cancers revealed that the long-term effects of massage showed an increase in cancer-killing components like serotonin values, natural killer cells, and lymphocytes. Additionally, there were also immediate improvements in mood and anxiety levels.

Massage, Lymph Nodes, and Your Immune System

The lymphatic system is very complex and can be compared to the sanitation department of our bodies. As cells die, the debris must be filtered and carried away and it eliminated. This is the role of the lymphatic system. It is a very superficial and delicate system and requires a very light touch. In it holds the function of organs like adenoids, tonsils, spleen and the thymus. Most people think that we don’t need these organs and they are removed if they become inflamed too often. Before these get inflamed, the lymph nodes often show signs that many people miss. They may become swollen and enlarged and sometimes become very sore.

Your lymph nodes are the focal point of the lymphatic system and your immune system functions. They collect the toxins that produce poison into your body that can be drained through massage therapy. Manual lymph drainage is a technique used by licensed massage therapists to drain the toxins out of the lymph nodes, creating a type of detox for your body.

Some of the toxins you can relieve with this technique include viruses, bacteria, dead cells and unnecessary fluids. This boosts the immune system to the point where you reduce the chances of getting the flu, the common cold, and even more serious diseases. This technique also reduces swelling and helps ease the pain for those who suffer from chronic joint pain and arthritis. It is often used post-surgery to help ease pain and swelling, promoting a faster healing time from the procedure.


Manual lymph drainage should only be performed by a licensed massage therapist who has had extra training on the technique. When you receive this treatment, it should only feel like light strokes, not like your typical massage where the therapist is trying to dig deep into your muscles to get them to relax. Instead, the therapist uses gentle strokes that will stimulate the lymph nodes to bring them back to life.


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