Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage

is one of the tools used by tantra to achieve the personal fullness. It is erotic massage that arouse the sexual desire and invigorate the relationships. The tantra believes that the human body is a sacred temple and the sex expression of the intercourse divine. The tantra massage offers the possibility of achieving the pleasure, our own and that of the partner, quickly and effectively.


Thanks to the massage performed in zones erotic body to reach a state of physical relaxation and spiritual, in addition to a deep sense of well-being. A way to relaxation and discovery of one’s self, a form of encounter with the sacred through the pleasure.


Benefits of Tantra Massage

  • The slow cadence of each movement performed during the massage can be very sensual, enhancing our sensory input. Is power the haptic sense.


  • It provides a sense of peace, regulates the heart rate and manages to reduce the blood pressure


  • It stimulates circulation, oxygenating the blood, stimulates the circulation of lymphatic tissue which allows us to eliminate waste products.


  • During the Tantra massage the body releases endorphins, the natural way, which provides a feeling of well-being and pain relief.


  • It achieves a relief of the stress, reduce chemicals associated with stress such as norepinephrine and cortisol.


Tantra massage allows you to receive intimacy and sexual pleasure without the pressure to perform. It is also deeply relaxing, reawakens arousal while keeping it relaxed, it is healing from any past sexual challenges, and is an opportunity to learn about your sexuality and ejaculation control. So it is also beneficial for self-esteem, self-confidence, body-confidence and education.


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